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If you are in the market for a generator, chances are you’re looking into purchasing generator transfer switches as well. Generator transfer switches are used to safely and efficiently switch between generator power and utility power. When researching generator transfer switches, you will notice that there are two types: automatic switches and manual switches.

Automatic transfer switches are by far the most convenient option. This is because the transfer switch automatically moves to generator power when it senses utility power is down. Most models also alert your generator to turn on when utility power is lost. And once utility power is restored, the transfer switch automatically goes from generator power over to utility power. This saves you time and energy from having to manually switch your power over.

Manual transfer switches are generally a less expensive, though possibly a less convenient option. Manual switches require the operator to switch over from generator power to utility power. Depending on your needs, manual generator transfer switches may be perfect for your home.

No matter the type of generator transfer switches you need, you will find a wide variety at AP Electric. Here, you will find switches from brands like ASCO, Generac and Kohler, among others. You will also find great prices and free shipping everywhere you look. Whatever your generator needs, you’re sure to find it at AP Electric.